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ChefPaw Vitality Pack

ChefPaw Vitality Pack

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Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil + Hemp Oil

Elevate your dog's nutrition with our Alaskan Salmon Oil and Hemp Oil. Rich in Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids, this supplement promotes a shiny coat, healthy skin, and supports joint health. Perfect for dogs of all ages as it helps boost their overall well-being naturally.

ChefPaw Nutrition Booster

Support your dog's bone health with the ChefPaw Nutrition Booster. This calcium-enhanced multivitamin is designed to strengthen bones and teeth, aiding in overall mobility and health. Since no single fresh recipe can provide enough calcium, our Nutrition Booster fills this crucial nutritional gap. Packed with essential vitamins and minerals, it's an easy-to-mix supplement that enhances any ChefPaw meal, making it an essential addition to your dog's daily diet.


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