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About Us - ChefPaw

Welcome to ChefPaw - where quality, commitment, and passion for pets come together.

ChefPaw is not a startup in the pet industry, but the latest endeavor by Matt and Dave, the seasoned professionals behind Innovet Pet Products. A reputable name since 2005, Innovet Pet has been a trusted provider of pet solutions for thousands of pet parents around the globe. We are proud to bring you ChefPaw, leveraging our deep understanding of pets and our commitment to their wellbeing.

Our Legacy

At Innovet Pet, we've spent nearly two decades cultivating a reliable and respected presence in the pet industry. Our journey began with a simple mission: to create products for pets that we'd be proud and confident to use on our own. We've held true to that promise, developing a range of products that enhance and enrich the lives of pets everywhere.

Introducing ChefPaw

Derived from our long-standing presence and expertise in the pet industry, we recognized a need among pet parents: a simple and reliable way to prepare high-quality, balanced, and tasty meals for their pets at home. Hence, we created ChefPaw. With ChefPaw, we extend our commitment, credibility, and love for pets into the realm of pet cuisine. We offer meticulously designed, easy-to-follow recipes that satisfy your pets' nutritional needs, making the process of cooking for your furry friends at home not just manageable, but a joyous experience. With ChefPaw, feeding your pets nutritious, home-cooked meals has never been easier.

Our Promise

Just as we've done at Innovet Pet, we promise that every product carrying the ChefPaw name is one that we use and love with our own pets. This personal commitment ensures that our products are more than just functional – they're part of a family's journey with their pets, supporting health, happiness, and longevity.

Our Vision

Our vision at ChefPaw is to make nutritionally balanced, delicious food accessible to all pets. We believe that our pets, just like us, deserve meals prepared with love, care, and an understanding of their nutritional needs. At ChefPaw, we're taking a leap forward to transform pet nutrition, one meal at a time.

Your Pets, Our Passion

Your pets are at the heart of everything we do at ChefPaw. Each product is designed with their health, satisfaction, and dietary needs in mind. We're more than just a pet food company; we are a team dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for your pets.

Thank you for choosing ChefPaw - the pet food brought to you by the people who know pets best!

The ChefPaw & Innovet Family

Badge - Inspired by maximus


The one who started it all, Maximus was the leader who ignited the passion behind the Innovet Pet Movement. The strength in character that Maximus contained in his body is that of legends. Stories of his shenanigans reverberate through the walls of the warehouse and drive the team to continue pushing forward.


Badge - inspired by Maggie


The peacemaker amongst our dogs is ironically is the comical trouble maker of the bunch. She just cant seem to kick the habit of getting into things she's not supposed to:) At 3 months old she had an obsession with finding and literally eating cash - wallets, purses, laundry were all pillaged. When that obsession turned to pills and supplements, she had to be rushed to the vet 6 times in 3 weeks. At that time we invented the STAT Syringe for dogs to safely induce vomiting in poisoning situations. Since 2015 the Maggie inspired STAT Syringe has saved 1000’s of dogs.



Gordo is unfortunately another one of Innovets fallen soldiers, his spirit was felt everywhere and it continues to provide motivation for us here. His childlike energy was forever present and could bright up any mood, one of his favorite past times was rolling on his back while in the truck on the way to work.


Pearl Biography


Daves all white chihuahua Pearl is the diva of the office, she has a very relaxed attitude and loves to enjoy the finer things in life. For a small dog she has a large appetite for adventure just like her owner. Pearls perfect day would have to start off with a freshly cooked meal, followed by some sun bathing and mild ankling biting.


Badge - Inspired by Gordon


Theres a lot of living up to do when you have a name like Sir Gordon Winston II and this guy surely does not disappoint. Coming in at almost 60 pounds this linebacker of a bulldog can do it all. He enjoys heated rounds of tug of rope, booty scratches, and running at the speed of light after he releases a number 2.


Badge - Inspired by Maverick


Maverick (AKA the Peeing Bandit) is an all black lab who has enough energy to power the entire warehouse operations for days at a time. Although he is the youngest he has already passed his older step-brother Gordon in height and strength which leads to very aggressive battles for the tug of war rope.


Meet The Founders

David Louvet - CEO

David Louvet is the Founder and CEO of Innovet Pet Products. He obtained a B.S in BioChemistry from the University of California, Santa Barbara as well as a Certificate in Nuclear Medicine from Charles Drew University. David is an outspoken advocate for health and wellness and in 2015 was ranked #2 in the USA for his overall performance in three Ironman Competitions. He has taken this passion for health and has seamlessly combined it with his love for animals, resulting in Innovet Pet. David works tirelessly to develop new products with his knowledge of biochemistry in order to spread awareness for implementing higher standards of health in pets everywhere.


Matthew Terrill - CEO

Photo of Matthew Terrill (COO)

Matthew Terrill is the Co-Founder and CEO of Operations at Innovet Pet Products. He is an avid Mechanical Engineer/Inventor and obtained his Bachelor's Degree from the University of California, Santa Barbara. Matthew has over 15 years of experience in formulating and patenting products specifically for pets. He has implemented his extensive experience and prodigious passion for dogs in order to develop products that will effectively enhance the well-being and health of all animals.