Warranty Terms:

The ChefPaw model CP3A is provided with a 2-year warranty starting from the original purchase date from an authorized vendor. Please keep the original purchase receipt in a safe place. Proof of purchase, such as the original order information is required for all warranty claims. If within 2 years from the purchase date of this product a material or factory defect occurs, the product will be repaired or replaced by us –at our discretion – free of charge to you.

This warranty implies that within the period of 2 years the defective device and the purchase receipt are presented, including a brief written description of the defect and the time it occurred. If the defect is covered by our warranty, the repaired or a new product will be returned to you. No new warranty period starts with a repair or replacement of the product. The warranty period is not extended when the warranty has been claimed. This also applies to replaced and repaired parts.

Any damages and defects already existing at the time of purchase must be reported immediately upon unpacking. The device was produced carefully according to strict quality guidelines and tested diligently prior to delivery. The warranty applies to material or factory defects.  Repairs arising after the expiration of the warranty period are subject to a charge.

Warranty Expiration:

1. If the product is damaged after the original delivery.
2. If the product is not used as intended or stored improperly.  For the proper operation of the product, all manufacturer instructions must be observed carefully.  Any form of use and handling that is advised against in the operating instructions or warned against must be avoided. The product is only intended for private and not for commercial use. 
3. If the product is opened or disassembled by anyone other than the manufacturer.
4. If more than 2 years elapses after the original purchase date.

Warranty Exclusions:

1. Claims resulting from damage or defects made after 2 years from the original purchase date.
2. Damages occurring from the continued use of the machine after a defect is discovered.
3. Damages occurring to persons, pets or property as the result of negligence or improper use of the machine. (WATER DAMAGE IS NOT COVERED BY THE WARRANTY)
4. Claims due to normal wear and tear on the ChefPaw spatula.
5. Claims for parts lost after initial use.

Procedure for Warranty Claims:

Report all warranty claims immediately after the discovery of a defect or damage to the machine to: info@chefpaw.com

To expedite the claim, please include your original order information, the serial number of your unit, and a detailed description and images or video of the problem.