Custom Recipes

General Guidlines for Creating Custom ChefPaw Recipes

  • The ChefPaw machine does not pressure cook, but it lets very little water escape during cooking. Since the ChefPaw has a large heating surface area and keeps the ingredients continually in motion, the recommended cooking time and temp are lowered to just 100 Celsius for 40 mins.
  • Auto program #1 on the ChefPaw machine will cook at 100C for 40mins while slowly mixing in alternating directions.
  • We recommend using a 3:1 weight ratio of water to ingredients such as rice .
  • We recommend using a 2:1 weight ratio of water to ingredients like macaroni  or quinoa.
  • We recommend using less than a 1:1 weight ratio of water to ingredients like potato.
  • To determine the nutrients of a recipe on a dry matter basis, go to the recipe in the Chefpaw app and select "Recipe Actions" then select "Nutrients per Batch". The upper left portion of the data will show you the total batch size and the total water content from all the ingredients of the recipe, the difference between the 2 equals the total dry matter of the recipe.
  • The capacity of the ChefPaw Machine is 3.0 Liters by volume or 2898 grams by weight to allow for expansion during cooking.
  • We recommend that customers use the built-in gram scale to accurately add ingredients, therefore we urge recipes to be made in grams also.
  • Custom recipes can be relayed directly to the customer and if needed the ChefPaw admin is available to help customers add those recipes to their personal ChefPaw App accounts.
  • Customers have the option to keep their custom recipes private or share them with the ChefPaw community.


Nutritional Consultations:

You can have a recipe custom formulated to the optimal needs of your pet by consulting with an approved veterinary nutritionist. Consult with any of the licensed veterinarians who have specialized degrees as Certified Veterinary Food Technicians (DVM-CVFT). Please note that recipes needed for specific medical conditions may require a consult with a CVFT that also is a board-certified Veterinary Nutritionist. For information on Nutritional Consultations and getting in contact with a veterinary nutritionist please reach out to us at

Join our CVFT Nutritionist Program:

If you are a licensed DVM-CVFT and are interested in joining our nutritionist partnership program, please contact Chefpaw does not charge any fees to CVFT's, rates and terms for consultations are entirely up to the CVFT. Chefpaw offers free access to the Chefpaw app for our nutritionist partners. Custom recipe formulations can be done using the nutritional calculator feature of the ChefPaw App or you are free to use your own preferred nutritional software (but we think you’ll be impressed with how robust the ChefPaw software is :)