Allergy Care with Turkey and Sweet Potato (Gordon's Grub) - Homemade Dog Food Recipe With ChefPaw

Allergy Care with Turkey and Sweet Potato (Gordon's Grub) - Homemade Dog Food Recipe With ChefPaw


Designed for Bulldogs and other breeds that struggle with food or skin allergies, this recipe avoids using the most common allergy triggers while still giving your dog a highly diverse and flavorful meal. And like always with ChefPaw’s recipes, Allergy Care w/ Ground Turkey & Sweet Potato is a very affordable way to carry out the elimination diet, which is the best method for diagnosing allergens. 

Let’s explore all the ways this recipe can benefit our dogs while learning why we selected each of the ingredients for this meal. 


Summary Of Benefits

Allergy Support 

With beef accounting for 34% of food allergy cases seen in dogs alone, this recipe goes above and beyond removing all the common offenders. No beef, chicken, fish, egg, legume, corn, or soy. Instead, there is wholesome ground turkey enriched with ingredients such as fibrous probiotic canned pumpkin and blueberries packed with antioxidants.  

Skin And Coat Support

When looking over the recipe, you’ll see that this recipe isn’t just one that eliminates food allergies. It’s much more than that. By including a number of skin and coat-supporting ingredients, Allergy Care w/ Ground Turkey & Sweet Potato can help your dog feel better faster! 


One would expect to pay less when eliminating ingredients from a meal, but that’s not the case with prescription allergy foods that rely on various expensive methods, such as hydrolyzed proteins. And because their dogs are struggling and desperately need relief from their allergies, most pet parents feel pressed into buying these expensive foods. Thank goodness for ChefPaw, whose library features several great and affordable allergy care meals. 

Allergy Care w/ Ground Turkey & Sweet Potato is one, if not, ChefPaw’s most affordable meal for helping dogs with food allergies. When proceeding with the elimination diet, if recipe #2a or #2b with the novel protein Bison has been successfully reducing skin or food allergies, moving to this recipe is a much more affordable way to proceed with a food elimination trial or test diet.

Better Digestion

While itching is the main symptom of food allergies, digestive issues such as nausea, cramps, and diarrhea aren’t far behind…..yeah, we went there. Not only did we design this recipe to support skin and coat health, but we also included several digestive-supporting ingredients. Packed full of fiber, sweet potato and canned pumpkin are natural prebiotics and probiotics. 


Complete and Diverse 

Two big things happen when moving a dog to allergy-based foods. Because a number of ingredients need to be eliminated to find the allergens, meals can really take a hit on how diverse they are. However, food allergies commonly occur because our dogs are repeatedly overexposed to the same meals created with limited ingredients. Then meals created with just a few ingredients are more prone to being incomplete and unbalanced. 

Not only are ChefPaw’s meals created with a diverse range of ingredients, it gives you several allergy-based recipes that feature varying ingredients to pair different meals together. This is great because dogs who have shown allergic reactions to food are more likely to develop another food allergy, meaning a rotation of meals is often the best course for them. 

Cooking Instructions #1:

Alright, here is the fun part where you let ChefPaw do all the work for you. 

Step 1: Begin by placing all the suggested food ingredients into the ChefPaw basin, being sure to always utilize ChefPaw's integrated scale for precise measurements. ChefPaw will tell you which order to add ingredients in. 

Step 2: Activate ChefPaw and adjust it to the recipe’s suggested mixing settings.

Step 3: Regularly monitor the mixing process to ensure thorough incorporation of ingredients, adjusting the mixing speed if necessary. In most cases, food can be left alone to cook after 10 minutes. 

In just 40 minutes, ChefPaw will have prepped and cooked your dog’s food to perfection. With durable mixing blades, ChefPaw can easily handle all the ingredients in this recipe while ensuring they have been gently cooked to maximize the nutrient value. Due to their sensitive nature, we recommend including the supplements after the food has been cooked. 

Cooking Instructions #2:

So what would it look like to make this recipe without ChefPaw? Well, from the multiple pots and pans that will need to be cleaned to the ability to easily mess up the cooking process, resulting in incomplete meals, it’s easy to say that it would be a dog-gone disaster. 

Ingredient Benefits:

  • Quinoa: It's theorized that low-histamine foods like quinoa can reduce the symptoms of histamine intolerance and allergies. 
  • Canned Pumpkin: A brilliant source of prebiotic and probiotic nutrition, canned pumpkin is a go-to for soothing upset stomachs. Pumpkin is incredibly good at helping dogs feel fuller longer despite being a low-calorie food. And if you’ve been noticing a copper smell coming from your dog’s backend, many pet parents find that canned pumpkin can quickly solve impacted anal glands. 
  • Honey: We didn’t just include honey because it has a great sweet flavor dogs love. Honey has a lot of benefits for dogs who are struggling with allergies. Honey contains digestive enzymes that help with digestive issues. Its antioxidants can strengthen the immune system when it’s being suppressed, which allergies are known to do. Potentially, the most fascinating thing honey can do is local honey can help dogs gradually adjust to potential allergens through slow exposure to pollen. 
  • Blueberry: Like cranberries and raspberries, blueberries contain a natural antihistamine, quercetin, which inhibits the release of histamine. Quercetin can also help prevent the production of other inflammatory substances, extending its ability to combat allergy symptoms. Blueberries are also high in vitamin C, which acts as both an antihistamine and antioxidant that can reduce inflammation. 
  • Apple: Like blueberries, apples are high in quercetin, which is great to see because foods also high in quercetin, such as onions and grapes, are incredibly dangerous to give to a dog, meaning they have a smaller selection of food choices for getting quercetin.  
  • Sweet Potato: As you saw with us combining blueberries and apples to extend their ability to support allergies, we’re doing that again with sweet potato and pumpkin. Better together than apart, as they perfectly provide a few nuances the other lacks. For example, sweet potatoes are particularly rich in beta-carotene, while pumpkin provides significant amounts of alpha-carotene and beta-cryptoxanthin. Including both ensures a broader spectrum of nutrients in your dog’s diet.
  • Broccoli: In a new study, researchers from Inserm and Institut Curie at the Immunity and Cancer unit found in animal studies that the absence of compounds found in certain vegetables, particularly broccoli and cabbage, could worsen skin allergies. Broccoli can counteract allergies by acting on aryl hydrocarbon receptors (AhR). It’s also a great source of quercetin. 
  • Ground Turkey (15% Fat): Novel protein sources such as rabbit aren’t always the easiest to find or the most affordable options around. Not the case with ground turkey, which is a much more affordable option than traditional protein sources like ground beef, which can be twice the cost. 
  • Water: it’s the essence of life, crucial to pretty much every recipe, and in particular, great for dogs fighting off allergies. Dehydration is a common side effect of allergies, and when dehydrated, the body will produce more histamine, exacerbating the symptoms even more. 

Supplement Section:

Pretty much every high-quality dog food, whether commercial, prescription, or homemade, will require several micronutrient supplementation. While calcium is the biggest deficiency seen in dog foods, research has found that nearly 90% of homemade recipes are deficient in at least 2 essential nutrients. The reason supplementation is so important when creating dog food is that nutritional gaps are easily made when solely relying on whole foods. 

ChefPaw Dietary Supplement Powder:

Due to nutrient issues far too common in both commercial foods and improperly put-together homemade recipes, we recommend a complete calcium and multivitamin supplement that contains 25 essential vitamins and minerals. ChefPaw Nutrition Booster combines a meticulously crafted blend of three varieties of readily absorbable Calcium: Calcium Ascorbate, Calcium Chloride, and Calcium Carbonate. This synergistic combination works to fortify bone strength, support vital nerve and muscle functions, and support tissue restoration. 

Innovet Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil With Hemp:

While they are essential to health, an overabundance of omega-6s in the body to a limited amount of omega-3s will result in excessive inflammation. Most sources of omega-3s are sea-based, while omega-6s are found heavily in land animals and plants. Because this recipe lacks seafood ingredients due to concerns over fish's higher histamine levels, we strongly recommend an omega-3 supplement, and none compare to Innovet Pet’s Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil. 

Optimal Meal Prep with ChefPaw Recipes:

Unlike a food intolerance that can upset a dog’s stomach the first time they consume a new food item, food allergies almost always take repeated exposure for them to develop. This is perhaps the big reason most dogs prefer varying diverse meals when given the choice. This is one of the reasons we included several different allergy-based recipes, so you can rotate between them when exploring the elimination diet. 

If you love the savings our Ground Turkey & Sweet Potato provides but want to avoid quinoa and sweet potato or want a second recipe to pair/alternate with, you’ll love #2c Allergy Care with Turkey and Rice. If you’re curious how what bison can do for your dog and their allergies, make sure to check out recipe #2a or #2b w/ Novel Bison.  

Once the allergen has been found, many dogs will not need to stay on a recipe designed for allergies. Just make sure they are never exposed to the allergen, which is easy with ChefPaw as it lets you customize all of its meals. Dogs with food allergies are more prone to developing another, so make sure to keep their meals diverse! 

Safe Food Handling Warnings:

When getting your dog's meal ready, it's important to wash your hands thoroughly with soap and warm water for at least 20 seconds. We recommend washing fruits and vegetables with fresh water prior to use. Remember to keep raw meats separate from other ingredients until you're ready to cook them together. Please do not rush the cooking process as it may leave ingredients undercooked, potentially leading to foodborne illnesses, a common issue seen in many raw and commercial dog food products.

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