7 Ways You Can Save Money By Cooking Your Dog's Food At Home

7 Ways You Can Save Money By Cooking Your Dog's Food At Home

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  • Designed to pay for itself, ChefPaw, the dog food maker, not only gives pet parents full value for their money, it delivers healthy meals for significantly less money than what you’ll find with commercial foods. 
  • A fresh diet supports a dog’s health, from digestion to giving them a shiner coat, often leading to fewer medical and care bills. 

Point blank, there is no way you can save more money in the long term when buying premium commercial food that compares to what you can create at home. 

In fact, when you create homemade meals with ChefPaw, you will ultimately save money giving your dog an optimal diet even when it’s compared to the worst of the worst commercial foods. 

Between many commercial foods not providing a complete and balanced diet due to poor cooking methods to them being loaded with fillers and poor quality ingredients that trigger food sensitivities, if you can make our dog’s food at home, you should. 

ChefPaw makes that a reality for most pet parents, taking saving money by creating food at home to a whole new level. Here are 7 amazing ways you save money creating your dog’s food at home with ChefPaw. 

How Much Money Can You Save With ChefPaw? 

In just 40 minutes, ChefPaw can create dog food for around $1/lb, which beats the best commercial dry and fresh dog food brands, where you’ll spend between $10-20/lb. 

With smart shopping, ChefPaw can create meals for cheaper than mediocre commercial brands can. Brands whose foods are riddled with poor quality control and incomplete nutrition. 

ChefPaw is a onetime investment that will quickly pay for itself. For example, ChefPaw can pay for itself in as little as a month for those living in a multi-dog household. 

1. High Cost Of Commercial Dog Food

When you buy dog food from a commercial brand, you’re just not paying for the food. Besides paying for fillers and other junk preservatives, you’re paying for product advertisements, flashy packaging gimmicks, and CEO bonuses. 

With ChefPaw, you only need to pay for a single unit that allows you to use all of your dog’s favorite foods when making optimal meals for them at home. 

2. Dogs With Specific Health Issues Or Dietary Restrictions

Between food allergies that can occur out of nowhere (causing you to throw away a big bag of food) to several common health problems that warrant a change in diet, ChefPaw's ability to create a new recipe on the fly is invaluable. 

Specialty foods are notoriously expensive and there is no government body to keep their costs in check, leaving you at the mercy of big pet food. 

Along with giving you a set of the most popular recipes around, ChefPaw can connect you to a veterinary nutritionist that will work with your dog’s unique needs to create two personalized recipes for them.  

3. Reduced Bills By Supporting Your Dog’s Health 

It’s just not commercial foods whose prices are skyrocketing; in general, it has never been more expensive to care for our dogs.

From keeping away potential veterinary bills to avoiding expensive grooming bills, giving your dog’s health the foundational support it needs with an optimal diet translates into saying goodbye to several potentially expensive bills and medications.

A fresh homemade diet can better support digestive health, reduce food allergies, nourish their skin and coat, and improve cognitive health to name a few. 

4. Take Advantage Of Your Grocery Store’s Weekly Deals

ChefPaw has nutritional values for 1000+ ingredients, and its nutrient analyzer can quickly compare ingredients and auto-update various values of any new ingredient you add or remove. This lets you freely swap out expensive ingredients for budget-friendly ones without worry. 

This feature gives pet parents a big way to save money, allowing them to take advantage of savings and deals they find in their grocery store. 

5. Buy In Bulk

ChefPaw allows you to create your dog’s food in batches. In just 40 minutes, you can create a single batch that can easily last a week or more. 

This gives you the ability to save money by buying ingredients in bulk, cooking their food in batches, and freezing it. With careful freezing, you can store your dog’s food for months without jeopardizing its flavor, texture, or nutritional value.

6. Buying Local

From farmer markets to making friends with farmers and wild game hunters, there are a surprising number of ways you can avoid the traditional grocery store when looking to save money by creating your dogs’ food at home.

While this takes a little more work than our other recommendations, many farmers are more than happy to sell cuts of meat, organs, and scrap vegetables for cheap. Some might just be happy enough to have someone take it off their hands for them!

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