Active Dog with Ground Turkey and Macaroni (Just Food For Your Dogs) - Homemade Dog Food Recipes with ChefPaw

Active Dog with Ground Turkey and Macaroni (Just Food For Your Dogs) - Homemade Dog Food Recipes with ChefPaw

Intro Paragraph: 

Giving our dogs homemade meals created with love is an exciting prospect for many pet parents. But, having a highly active and energetic dog with advanced nutritional demands can make that reality daunting. Thankfully, there is ChefPaw, your dog’s new favorite personal chef!

ChefPaw can prep and cook meals on its own while providing your dog with an incredibly long list of meals whose customizable recipes are adjusted to their age, weight, etc. Let’s explore how ChefPaw makes cooking food for the active dog at home a breeze. 


Summary Of Benefits

Energy Booster

Energy is the name of the game for our Active Dog recipe. To ensure our recipe was more than satisfying the active dog's needs, we included a lovely range of energy-boosting ingredients that provide energy at various points throughout the day. There is honey for when your dog needs energy ASAP, chicken eggs for a steady and sustained source of energy, and more. 

Supports Skin & Coat Health

While our dogs love the outside, from pollen to cuts to pests, it doesn’t always love them back. Athletic dogs, in particular, often endure considerable wear and tear on their skin and coat, leaving them susceptible to a host of issues. 

Every ingredient in our recipes was meticulously selected to care for your dog's skin and coat. From the inclusion of a novel protein source, which helps ward off allergies, to a comprehensive array of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and flavonoids that combat excessive inflammation that’s responsible for swelling, itching, and hair loss. Our formula provides all the necessary building blocks for your dog's skin and coat to thrive.

Reinforces The Immune System 

It’s hard to find dogs with stronger immune systems than active dogs, however, this only happens when their immune system is being fully supported by their diet. From coming across nasties when working or playing outside to intense exercise temporarily suppressing the immune system, an active dog’s immune system is strong because it’s successfully recovering from so many little hits that ultimately make it stronger. 

With anti-inflammatory ingredients like broccoli and spinach to recovery aids like omega-3 fatty acids found in salmon oil, this recipe gives the active dog the immune support they need to succeed. 

Digestive Aid 

Active dogs require more calories due to all that energy they are expending, so it’s even more important these dogs get all the digestive support they need. A supported digestive system can absorb more nutrients from food, a critical factor for recovery. Then, who likes to go all out when their stomach is feeling upset? Our dogs are no different. 

From fibrous leafy greens to prebiotic and probiotic canned pumpkin, by supporting digestion, your dog can recover faster and feel their best when they need to hit the gas pedal.


Allergy Support

Turkey offers a novel source of protein that can help dogs who typically struggle with allergies to beef and chicken, which account for nearly half of all food allergies. These items are common allergens due to them being overexposed in commercial pet foods that feature limited ingredients. 

Cooking Instructions #1:

Okay, let's dive into the enjoyable part where ChefPaw takes charge of the cooking process for you, breaking up tough cuts of meat and veggies with its heavy-duty mixing blades while gently cooking your dog’s food to preserve maximum nutrient value. 

Step 1: Start by placing all the recommended ingredients into ChefPaw’s basin. We strongly recommend always using ChefPaw's built-in scale for accurate measurements across all the ingredients. This is very important for ensuring the meal’s nutritional breakdown matches the meal itself. 

Step 2: Activate ChefPaw and set it to the mixing settings specified in the recipe. Depending on the recipe and the texture of the ingredients used, you may need to adjust the mixing setting after 10 minutes of cooking. 

Step 3: When making any recipe for the first time, we recommend you periodically monitor the cooking process to ensure even mixing. In pretty much all cases, if mixing rates look appropriate after the first 10 minutes of cooking, ChefPaw can be left to itself. 

In just 40 minutes, ChefPaw will have prepared and cooked your dog's meal to perfection. 

*To maintain the integrity of any supplements, it's best to add them to the food after the cooking process.

Cooking Instructions #2:

We’ll be honest! While it’s time-consuming, results in multiple pots and pans that need cleaning, and requires incredible attention to detail when putting the correct ingredients together, in many cases, while it ain't fun, it is possible to cook without ChefPaw. 

However, any dog with greater nutritional demands than your average dog makes it pretty much impossible to do it on your own. Making mistakes in nutrition isn’t great for any dog and can lead to several health issues. Due to their greater nutritional demands, active dogs will fall victim to improperly formulated meals faster than normal. 

ChefPaw’s meals for active dogs have been meticulously perfected by a team of experts. Additionally, ChefPaw’s ability to analyze and make adjustments on the fly while providing you with a complete breakdown of the meal’s nutrition is a feature that can’t be beaten. But ChefPaw doesn’t stop there, as it can connect to a veterinary nutritionist, who will work with you to create custom recipes for your dog. 

Ingredient Benefits:

  • Chopped Spinach: With minerals like calcium and phosphorus, essential vitamins such as A and folate, and protein and antioxidant compounds known as flavonoids, it’s easy to see why spinach is a core ingredient in fitness-based diets. 
  • Broccoli: By rounding out the things spinach is slightly lower in e.g. carbohydrates, fiber, and vitamin C, broccoli is another cruciferous vegetable renowned for its ability to promote recovery and muscle growth. 
  • Green Beans: Green beans are an excellent and economical source of leucine, which is one of the three amino acids the muscles need for energy and to grow. Like spinach, green beans are a higher source of protein and iron compared to other vegetables. Iron is essential for carrying oxygen to the muscles. 
  • Apple: Research has found that the polyphenols in apples can increase strength and endurance while decreasing body fat. Its higher fiber and water content is great for supporting functional digestion.  
  • Canned Pumpkin: Containing several digestive supporting compounds from vitamins like E to minerals like potassium to fibrous prebiotics, pumpkin is one of the best foods for help with bloating, diarrhea, and other digestive issues that stifle energy. 
  • Chicken Eggs: Providing all 10 essential acids, chicken eggs are one of the most bioavailable sources of protein around. By cooking our eggs, we can nearly double the amount of absorbable protein. 
  • Macaroni: While our dogs don’t rely on carbohydrates to the same degree for energy as us, glucose is essential for fueling their brains, and low levels can result in hypoglycemia. During the digestion process, your dog can easily break the carbohydrates in macaroni down to glucose.  
  • Honey: Thanks to its natural sugars (glucose and fructose), honey is ideal for a quick pick-me-up, making it perfect for dogs that love sprinting and working dogs that need to move fast. 
  • Ground Turkey: Compared to traditional ground beef, ground turkey typically has more protein, fewer calories, and is significantly more affordable. As a novel protein, it's one of the best protein sources for avoiding allergies due to beef making up 34% of food allergies. 
  • Water: Water is a key ingredient in most recipes, helping the ingredients get to know each other better. Active dogs, in particular, do better when given meals with higher moisture content than what kibble-based foods deliver.

Supplement Section:

For all homemade diets, we highly recommend two supplements that will provide extra nutrition that is difficult to achieve with whole foods alone. While they aren’t essential for all dogs, due to their demanding nutritional needs, many active dogs will need them to truly thrive. 

ChefPaw Dietary Supplement Powder (40g):

Multiple nutrient deficiencies are seen in the large majority of homemade dog food recipes, with calcium being the most common. However, this isn’t necessarily due to the recipes not featuring a range of whole foods. To be honest, it’s nearly impossible to give our dogs all the vitamins and minerals they need in the correct ratios by relying on whole foods alone. This is why supplementation of them is very common in the best dog foods.  

ChefPaw Nutrition Booster combines a carefully crafted blend of three varieties of readily absorbable Calcium: Calcium Ascorbate, Calcium Chloride, and Calcium Carbonate. Additionally, it provides all 25 essential vitamins and minerals in the correct ratios to avoid deficiencies and toxicities. 

Innovet Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil With Hemp (5g):

Active dogs require more protein compared to your average dog. Since the primary protein source in this recipe is turkey, which tends to contain higher levels of omega-6 fatty acids, it's important to balance their omega-3 to omega-6 ratio. Therefore, we highly recommend incorporating an omega-3 supplement to ensure a balanced ratio of omega-3 to omega-6. This ratio encourages a healthier immune response, stronger joints, improved heart health, and aids brain development and function while providing the body with more energy.  

Optimal Meal Prep with ChefPaw Recipes:

If your active dog is more of an endurance champion vs. sprinter, you may find the higher fat content of Complete Nutrition For The Active Dog - Ground Beef And Rice Recipe preferable. Pairing #1b - Active Dog with Ground Turkey & Macaroni with #1a Active Dog With Ground Turkey and Rice is a great way to start diversifying your dog's meals which lowers the risk of them developing a food allergy. 

Safe Food Handling Warnings:

Never rush the cooking process while always washing your hands thoroughly with soap and warm water beforehand. Meat and eggs do not need to be washed before, however, we do recommend washing fruits and vegetables with warm water before placing them into ChefPaw’s mixing bowl.

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