Fresh Food Vs. Kibble: Common Health Issues Fresh Food Can Help With

Fresh Food Vs. Kibble: Common Health Issues Fresh Food Can Help With

When it comes to giving our dogs a fresh food diet for their health, dry and stale kibble just can’t compete! 

And with the invention of ChefPaw, not only can you give your dog fresh food, you can make it right at home for significantly less money. This eliminates the one advantage commercial kibble foods have over a fresh food diet. And we’ll be honest, wet canned food can’t compete either. 

Help With Food Allergies

Food allergies are one of the most common complaints dog owners have, and one of the reasons is they often appear out of nowhere. Let’s look at an all-too-common scenario. 

At the start of the week, all things are going great! Your dog is loving the food that they’ve been eating day-in-day-out for years. But by the end of the week, every time they eat their food, it's followed by relentless itching and scratching, a runny nose, and a back end that just doesn't stop due to digestive disturbances. 

It’s common for our dogs to develop an allergy to an ingredient in the blink of an eye. And it often happens to food that are staples in commercial pet foods. We’re talking beef, chicken, eggs, soy, grains, and wheat gluten. 

If this is your dog, creating their food at home is priceless! You can make smaller batches, so you’re not stuck with a big bag of kibble, and easily swap out food your dog is sensitive to without changing the entire meal or its nutritional value. 

Promotes A Healthy Weight 

It’s been reported that 97% of obesity cases in dogs are due to how we are feeding them. And even when we’re perfectly following the feeding guidelines the commercial foods recommend, it’s not uncommon to watch our dogs’ waistlines continue to expand. 

From nutrient retention issues to poor nutritional profiles, this is a common sight with commercial foods that often lack fiber and are high in carbohydrates while being low in protein. Commercial foods often rely on starches and poor cuts of meat to fill out the bulk of their food because the ingredients are very inexpensive. To exacerbate the problem, gum and gels are often used to keep the food together, but studies have found they can prevent absorption of the nutrients the food is providing. 

Digestive Health 

You may have heard that one of the great things about giving your dog a fresh diet is it can help their poop out! Sounds smelly, but actually, it’s true. In fact, rancid smells, along with inconsistent poops, are pretty much a thing of the past when giving our dogs a diet rich in fresh whole ingredients. 

From avoiding gels and dyes in commercial foods that can affect nutrient absorption to a rich helping of fiber and essential nutrients in an optimal ratio, a fresh food diet gives your dog the diet they were built to eat. One that closely resembles a diet they would naturally eat in the wild, but free from all the nasties that a wild diet can bring. 

Supports Cognitive Function

With a fresh food diet, especially one made at home where we can choose which ingredients we want to use, we can better support and even improve our dogs’ cognitive function. 

This is because we can give them a diet rich in antioxidants that protects against oxidative stress (a prominent factor in both chronic and acute neurodegeneration). This can help older dogs from cognitive decline while helping the young pup stay sharp and alert while they learn the world around them. 

Skin and Coat Support  

Even when a dog isn’t suffering from allergies that can rip and tear at their coat, they can still experience a range of skin and coat issues due to their commercial food not providing the nutritional support they need. A fresh diet promotes a shiny coat and smooth, moisturized skin. 

Picky Eater 

It’s easy to get frustrated when your dog refuses to eat the food you spent your hard-earned money on. And while it’s understandable that they don’t always want to eat the same food day-in-day-out, often it’s just one or two ingredients in their food that turn them off of the entire meal. 

This is one of the many places a home dog food maker like ChefPaw shines! ChefPaw helps you easily swap out an ingredient that isn’t working for one that is, while ensuring no gaps in nutrition happen. 

But what if you have a picky eater that loves their meal one day, but is bored of it the next? Well, again, no problem. ChefPaw comes with a handy app that’s pre-programmed with the most popular dog food recipes around. This lets you easily and quickly make a range of meals that can taste vastly different, despite sharing many of the same ingredients. 

Better General Health 

By finally being able to give our dogs a well-balanced diet that just doesn’t support their health, but ascends it, a fresh diet truly cares for their well-being on all levels. And ChefPaw makes that a reality for pet parents everywhere! 

From better supporting their sin to nourishing their cognitive health, a fresh diet can keep your dog healthier for longer. This keeps medical, grooming, and other bills to a minimum.

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