Active Dog w/ Salmon + Rice (Maverick’s Fancy Surf & Turf)

Active Dog w/ Salmon + Rice (Maverick’s Fancy Surf & Turf)

Intro Paragraph: 

Did you know that salmon is one of the best protein sources you can give your dog? And unlike beef, chicken, lamb, and other land-raised protein sources, salmon’s seafood side allows it to bring a wealth of essential omega-3 fatty acids, whereas the other sources bringa pro-inflammatory omega-6s. While also essential, if not properly balanced with the right omega-3s, several health issues can occur, such as cardiovascular disease, cancer, and inflammatory and autoimmune diseases. 

Like our diets, our dogs often see excessive omega-6s, making Active Dog w/ Salmon + Rice (Maverick’s Fancy Surf & Turf) a perfect meal to create at home. So, let’s learn how to easily make this meal for your dog and how you can save money by giving your dog a meal packed full of benefits. 

Summary Of Benefits

Boosted Immunity

What does it mean to boost and support the immune system? Well, a whole lot! From helping with everything from improving joint mobility to aiding in digestive health, a supported immune system can better fight diseases like cancer. Containing several ingredients and supplements that support immunity from salmon to pumpkin to the ChefPaw Nutrient Booster, #1j - Active Dog w/ Salmon + Rice (Maverick’s Fancy Surf & Turf) goes all out in supporting your dog’s health. If your dog is struggling with their mobility or needs major skin and coat help, look no further. 

Supports Brain Function

A 2020 study found that fish intake can improve cognitive ability. And much of that is thanks to their rich abundance of omega-3 fatty acids, which are backed by high-quality proteins and many nutrients essential for brain development. In truth, there are several studies on the benefits of consuming oily fish like salmon and what they can all do for both our health and the health of our furry best friends. Besides supporting better brain function, salmon can help improve mental development and memory. 


All of our recipes meet the standards set by AAFCO and NRC, but we take our recipes further at the advice of numerous vets who pay close attention to advancements in pet nutrition. While a great starting point, the AAFCO only sets recommended minimums for 36 nutrients and recommended maximums for 12 nutrients, while the NRC only recommends minimums for 18 nutrients, and recommended maximums for 6 nutrients. With ChefPaw, you can track 68 nutrients with meals that are customized to your dog’s unique needs. ChefPaw isn’t just your dog’s best friend, it’s your vet’s as they will love all the detailed nutrition info that can help them better care for your dog. 


Packed with Omega-3s

Known as the healthy fats, omega-3 fatty acids, include DHA and EPA (mostly found in seafood) and ALA (found in plants). Omega-3 fatty acids are essential as they help every single cell in your dog’s body function properly. They have anti-inflammatory effects, can support cognitive health, and protect several major body systems, from the cardiovascular system to the endocrine system. But that’s not all! Omega-3s can prevent the heart from deadly erratic rhythms and prevent blood clots from forming in the bloodstream. 

This recipe delivers all three of those essential omega acids through a combination of fresh salmon and Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil, which includes hemp seeds known for their optimal ratio of omega-3s to omega-6s. 

Supports An Active Lifestyle 

Whether your dog needs support to get through their workday or they are just an energetic dog that loves spending their days running around outside, this recipe is formulated to support their needs. High in protein and omega-3s, salmon is great for fueling energy while supporting recovery. We pair brown and white rice together, giving your dog both a fast and slow source of energy, allowing them to stay active throughout the day. By including the ChefPaw Nutrient Booster, active dogs are given all the vitamins and minerals they need, which is important due to their higher nutrient requirements. 

Cooking Instructions #1:

ChefPaw couldn’t be easier to use. In fact, the ChefPaw app will walk you through the entire process step-by-step. 

To create #1j - Active Dog w/ Salmon + Rice (Maverick’s Fancy Surf & Turf) with ChefPaw, start by simply detaching the lid. Next, pull up the recipe on the ChefPaw app, which will instruct you on which order you should load in the ingredients. They will all go in the same cooking vessel, which includes a built-in scale, so make sure to press the ‘weigh’ button first. After putting in the ingredients, ChefPaw will direct you to press a couple more buttons. Just reattach the lid, and it's off cooking your dog’s food to perfection. After the cooking cycle is over, you can mix in any heat-sensitive ingredients you plan to use. Allow the food to cool before serving. 

Cooking Instructions #2:

Most people are aware that cooking fish properly is harder than cooking beef or chicken, making it easy to overcook it which destroys nutrients and gives it an unappetizing texture. This is because fish have shorter muscle fibers, and the collagen dissolves much more easily. 

What this means in practice is that there is a narrower temperature range from raw to overcooked when cooking fish. Why take the time trying to learn how to properly cook fish, when ChefPaw can perfectly do it for you thanks to its gentle sous-vide style cooking. With ChefPaw, you eliminate several pots and pans, you don’t have to spend hours preparing and cooking while constantly monitoring everything, and you don’t have to worry about the delicate nature of the ingredients. 

Ingredient Benefits:

Brown Rice - Full of natural fiber that aids digestion while supporting the healthy microbes that call your dog’s gut their home, brown rice provides a slow and steady release of energy and supports balanced blood sugar levels. 

Honey - A natural flavor enhancer that takes a meal's flavors to a divine level, honey contains enzymes that help the body better digest carbohydrates, can give your dog a boost in energy, and contains several nutrients and antioxidants that reduce excessive inflammation. 

Canned Pumpkin - Another great source of fiber, pumpkin helps fill the nutrient gaps brown rice is lower in, such as potassium and vitamin A. Additionally, pumpkin is much lower in calories, making it an excellent option when we want to keep our dogs at a healthy weight. 

Green Beans - An incredibly low-calorie source that packs a wallop of nutrients (vitamins C, K, A, and calcium), along with fiber for maintaining good health. 

White Rice - For the average dog, a combination of brown and white rice can offer the best of both worlds. While white rice lacks the bran that gives brown rice more nutrients and fiber, it’s easier to digest (great for sensitive stomachs). As well, this makes it devoid of phytic acid, which slightly hinders the absorption of some of the extra nutrients the bran brings along. 

Broccoli Cuts - Now this is one healthy ingredient ChefPaw is perfect for. Cooking broccoli can be tricky because by the time it’s soft and easy to digest, a lot of nutrients it’s packed full of are often lost. Not with ChefPaw, which was designed in mind for cooking tricky ingredients. 

Farmed Atlantic Salmon - The star of the recipe, while our dogs can get omega-3s from some plant sources, it's almost always ALA, which your dog’s body will need to convert into EPA and DHA to utilize effectively. The problem is that the rate is terrible in humans — it's around 5% — and research shows it is likely even lower for our dogs. This gives this protein source a unique benefit not found with other common sources of protein. 

Supplement Section:

ChefPaw Nutrient Booster - While not required, we believe including the ChefPaw Nutrient Booster is a great idea. This is because when food is left raw, ingredients need to be limited, making it hard to fully satisfy a dog's needs. By cooking our ingredients, dogs can enjoy a greater range of them and cooking can promote better bioavailability. However, cooking can also destroy some nutrients. This is why you’ll find supplements and nutrient fortification in most dog foods. In fact, white rice, which is included in this recipe, is already fortified with nutrients. Featuring 26 nutrients with 3 highly soluble forms of calcium — all derived from natural sources — the ChefPaw Nutrient Booster is there to help ensure your dog’s meals come with all the goodies they need to thrive. 

Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil - Including Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil with/ Hemp Oil in this recipe is a great way to give your dog omega-3 fatty acids from three big sources. In general, we are big proponents of pairing together multiple ChefPaw recipes as it discourages food allergies and makes mealtimes more fun for your dog. And there is a good chance you’ll pair this meal with one that doesn’t include fish. This is where Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil comes in handy, as it can be used for any of ChefPaw’s recipes.

Optimal Meal Prep with ChefPaw Recipes:

Thanks to the abundance of omega-3 fatty acids in this recipe, #1j - Active Dog w/ Salmon + Rice (Maverick’s Fancy Surf & Turf) is a great recipe to pair with other ChefPaw recipes that feature a land-raised protein source. 

If a beef or chicken allergy is a concern, #1b Active Dog with Ground Turkey & Macaroni (Just Food For Your Dogs) offers a delightful novel protein source. If you’re loving the benefits fish is having for your dog but want to diversify up their meals (a good habit to form), then check out #1i Active Dog w/Tilapia + Sweet Potato & Quinoa (Maverick’s Surf & Turf)

Safe Food Handling Warnings:

We recommend wiping down any surfaces you plan for the ingredients to touch when working with ChefPaw. Keep raw and cooked foods separate. Please thoroughly wash your hands with soapy, warm water while additionally washing any fruits and vegetables with just plain water. Allow ChefPaw to completely finish the entire cooking cycle. Then allow the batch to cool before feeding or storing in an appropriate container. If making batches, make sure to label the date on containers, and freeze any food that isn’t going to be used within 3-5 days.

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