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ChefPaw Dog Food Maker

Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
38 Reviews

ChefPaw Dog Food Maker

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What Is ChefPaw?

Say hello to ChefPaw, the countertop dog food maker that REVOLUTIONIZES how we feed our dogs. ChefPaw saves you time and money, creating unlimited fresh and tasty homemade food for your dog. Actual real food PERSONALIZED to their dietary needs and ChefPaw does it at a fraction of the cost of storebought fresh pet food. And it only takes 3 easy steps!

Just add fresh ingredients, turn ChefPaw on, and relax, you’re already done! In 40 minutes, you’ll have fresh dog food that’s been gently mixed and cooked at lower temperatures for perfection. ChefPaw is for pet parents that want to give their dogs fresh food that tastes great while amplifying their health.

  • Meals rich with wholesome ingredients that retain all the nutrients only a fresh diet can offer.
  • Just food that's free from common fillers like gums or preservatives.
  • Fresh dog food that reduces the cost of feeding and caring for our best furbuddies.

That’s the ChefPaw’s Promise!

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ChefPaw Advantages - A Fresh Food Diet Maximized Nutrition Saving Time + Money

No dog should have to eat the same pet food day-in-day-out! Alternating recipes on a daily basis is the simplest way to maximize nutrition and minimize the use of supplements. You shouldn't have to struggle to help your dog with their dietary issues, whether they are a picky eater or have food allergies. Fresh dog food should be affordable and poops should be easy to pickup.

Save Money

ChefPaw is designed to pay for itself! From giving your dog an optimal diet that supports a longer and healthier life to ChefPaw’s nutrition analyzer that quickly compares ingredients, allowing you to swap out expensive ingredients for more affordable ones without jeopardizing nutrition.Say goodbye to commercial dog foods that are soaring in price. Goodbye to brands that do little to improve the quality of their food but are sure aggressive about finding places to cut corners. Stop paying for packaging, labeling, and product advertisement. With ChefPaw, your hard-earned money is only going towards giving your dog the best food possible. Create fresh food for as low as $1.81 per pound vs. $4-15 per pound store bought fresh pet food.

Save Time

Requiring only 9x12” of your kitchen counter space when in use, the ChefPaw’s model CP3A is a self-contained single unit that eliminates hours of prepping and cleanup of pots, pans which leaves your kitchen a cluttered mess. Just add whole ingredients, turn ChefPaw on, and ChefPaw will do the rest of the work for you. Go enjoy your favorite TV show or have a nice REFRESHING bath. ChefPaw isn’t just here to help your dog!

Maximize Nutrition and Flavor

Designed to maximize nutrition and flavor, ChefPaw makes commercial dog food a thing of the past. Commercial dog food that often fails to provide a complete well-balanced meal due to aggressive cooking temperatures.The exclusive ChefPaw app has nutritional values for 1000+ ingredients with the ability to analyze calories, protein, carbs, fiber, 5 types of fats, 20 amino acids + 32 vitamins and minerals. 

What Is The ChefPaw App?

Meet your new assistant that does all the hard work for you.

With the exclusive FREE ChefPaw App (value at $200) you’re given: 

1 - Recipe options: Pre Programmed, From Scratch, and Vet Formulated

2 - Nutritional value for 1000+ ingredients all from the USDA database for foods

3 - Swap or add new ingredients manually for nutritional yield, update price values, and step-by-step guides for batching all your favorite recipes

4 - 5 individual pet profiles for storing each pet's favorite recipes and unique needs

5 - Exclusive access to ChefPaw's Shared Community Recipes - share questions, insights, and recipe ideas with other ChefPaw owners

ChefPaw Recipe Options

ChefPaw's app gives pet parents 3 recipe options. 

Our Recipes

Option 1 brings you a set of the most popular dog food recipes around. ChefPaw suggested recipes will easily cover the needs of nearly every dog and even goes a step further by automatically customizing the recipes for your dog’s needs upon uploading their profile into the app. 

From Scratch

Option 2 gives you the ability to create your favorite budget-friendly recipes while connecting you to other ChefPaw owners for community-inspired recipes. With complete nutrient profiles for pretty much every dog-friendly ingredient around, ChefPaw avoids errors in nutrition that can come up when making your dog’s food at home. The best thing about ChefPaw -- other than giving your dog tasty fresh food -- is you don't need to know anything about dog food or pet nutrition.

Consult an Expert

Option 3 connects you to a pet nutrition specialist, who works with you to put together high-quality meals designed to work perfectly for your dog’s unique needs.  


How fast will the ChefPaw Pay for itself?

Designed to pay for itself, ChefPaw gives your wallet the break it deserves. ChefPaw is here to help both your dog and you! This is why a multiple-dog household can see ChefPaw pay for itself in just 3-4 weeks. 

How much does ChefPaw cost?

We are introducing our flagship model CP3A that makes 6.4lbs (3L) of pet food in just 40 minutes for the price of $649.

How does a DIY dog food maker work?

ChefPaw brings you delicious cooked food our dogs love in just 3 easy steps. 

Step 1: Use the ChefPaw app to quickly load in your dog’s favorite recipe. Remember, the app lets you pick from three category recipes for endless options so your dog never has to eat the same meal day after day again — unless they want to!
Step 2: Load in the recipe’s ingredients and turn ChefPaw on. 
Step 3: This one is personally our favorite. Just sit back and relax. 40 minutes later you have fresh homemade dog food ready to serve.

Automatic mixing blades are strong enough for the toughest ingredients, from raw meats to tough vegetables, saving you time and energy on food prep.

With controls for temperature and time, you can quickly dial in ChefPaw to minimize the loss of nutrients. Something even the best commercial foods struggle to achieve.

What are the best ingredients to use with a dog food processor? 

From energy-boosting ingredients such as whole wheat macaroni, brown rice, and veggies like green beans to high-protein foods that dogs love such as turkey and beef, ChefPaw always works to bring out the best in your dog’s favorite foods.

To get an idea of which ingredients work best for your dog and your budget, we’ve included several features in the ChefPaw app to make choosing the best ingredients easy.

Our suggested recipes are a great place to start as they bring you many of the most popular recipes around. Then our nutrient analyzer will help you quickly swap out any ingredient that isn’t working best for one that does, so the meal never skips a gap in nutrition. Dry kibble and store-bought pet food just can't compare to the fresh foods ChefPaw can create!

Is the cooking process lengthy?

Standard cooking time is only 40 minutes. ChefPaw comes with a variety of temperature options for additional cooking times. However, while this means you can cook your dog’s food in under 40 minutes, you open it to some of the issues seen with commercial foods that aggressively cook their food, placing a profit over optional nutrition.

Do I need to clean the ChefPaw Bowl?

Because you'll be cooking so many tasty meals for your dog with a variety of food items like meat, protein, and vegetables, ChefPaw will need regular cleaning. But don't expect to be putting extra work in cleaning it vs. your typical food appliance, such as a food processor.

ChefPaw can be quickly cleaned with soap and water and will come with detailed instructions on how to best care for it and even features a handy self-cleaning mode!

Does ChefPaw suggested recipes conform to AAFCO or NRC standards?

Our recipes actually go beyond AAFCO, NRC standards which are surprisingly limited in scope. AAFCO standards only provide recommended minimums for 36 nutrients and recommended maximums for 12 nutrients. AAFCO is also based per kg of food without regard for the size or activity level of the dog. The NRC standards provide recommended amounts for the same 36 nutrients as AAFCO, recommended minimums for 18 nutrients, and recommended maximums for 6 nutrients. Those NRC standards are also based on a 33lbs dog eating 1000 calories per day without regard to activity level or the needs of dogs significantly smaller or larger than 33 lbs.

Both the NRC and AAFCO ignore many nutrients that veterinarians and modern science indicate are key. For example, while many vets and scientific researchers support the conclusion that the nutrient Taurine is important for dog cardiac health, the NRC/AAFCO only recommends taurine for cats. More commonly recognized nutrients like cholesterol are also absent from official AAFCO/NRC standards.

In order to go beyond AAFCO and NRC standards, we custom-developed our patent-pending ChefPaw app which tracks 68 nutrients and then compares the nutrients in a recipe with the unique profile of your pet. Size, activity level, food allergies, food intolerances, and health conditions dramatically affect the nutritional needs of each dog. The ChefPaw dog food maker, the ChefPaw app, and ChefPaw suggested recipes are the latest game-changing developments from our team of professionals at Innovet Pet Products who have been making cutting-edge pet products since 2005. Every aspect of ChefPaw is also developed with the consultation of licensed veterinarians, veterinary nutritionists, and CVFT's.

Additionally, like humans, dogs appreciate and are better off with variety in their diet. Accordingly, the ChefPaw app analyzes the nutritional impact of not just 1 recipe, it analyzes the nutritional impact of an entire meal plan using many different recipes. This way the emphasis no longer has to be on finding artificial ways to get each recipe to hit 100% of nutritional goals, instead the emphasis can be more meaningful - finding the best combinations of recipes to naturally hit 98.8% of the nutritional goals, then nutritional supplements are only needed to cover the final 1.2%

Despite their limitations, the AAFCO and NRC are a great starting point for developing any dog food recipe, therefore ChefPaw customers wanting to create or compare any recipe to those standards can easily do so in the ChefPaw app by entering a pet profile for an adult 33 lbs dog with a high activity level. The resulting nutrient recommendations will be in line with AAFCO/NRC standards. 

The suggested ChefPaw recipes are general recipes based on commonly available ingredients from grocery stores in the USA. All pet food recipes require some nutritional supplementation in order to be considered balanced to AAFCO or NRC standards. Chefpaw’s dietary supplement is included with Chefpaw's suggested recipes in order to supplement only the most common nutritional deficiencies. We can guarantee that our suggested recipes will be delicious and nutritious however we cannot guarantee they will be adequate for the specific needs of your particular pet. Custom recipes based on your pet's unique medical history can only be obtained by a licensed veterinarian.

Do you offer pay installments?

Yes, we offer Affirm and Shop Pay. Affirm will offer more financing options and allow you to pay one monthly installment + interest over the timeframe you choose. Shop Pay will offer interest free installments broken down into 4 total payments over the course of every 2 weeks.

What are the power requirments for the ChefPaw Machine?

We would like to provide you with some essential product information to take into consideration. The ChefPaw Dog Food Maker operates on a voltage of 110 VAC at 60Hz, however most European outlets supply power at 240 VAC at 50Hz. If you are situated in an area where European outlets are predominant, you may require a voltage converter transformer to ensure the proper operation of your ChefPaw Dog Food Maker. Please let us know if you are interested in purchasing a ChefPaw unit set up for a 240VAC please let us know. If traveling internationally with a standard ChefPaw set with standard US 110VAC power using a maximum of 1500 watts, we recommend using a 240 to 110 VAC converter/transformer that can handle at least 2000 watts.

ChefPaw Dog Food Machine

Take Full Control Of Your Pet's Diet

Embark on a culinary journey for your beloved pet with Chefpaw, the ultimate kitchen companion designed to create scrumptious, nutritious dog food swiftly!

Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
Based on 38 reviews
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97%would recommend this product
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38 reviews
  • AV
    ana v.
    Verified Buyer
    I recommend this product
    Rated 5 out of 5 stars
    3 weeks ago
    Freshest food ever

    I love my new toy and my 4 fur babies love it tooo!😋

    2 weeks ago

    We are ecstatic to see your dogs enjoying their food! Sending out compliments to you, Chef!

  • KT
    Kim T.
    Verified Buyer
    I recommend this product
    Rated 5 out of 5 stars
    3 weeks ago
    Loving feeding my babies

    I'm loving my chef paws machine. Best part is using all top grade ingredients! It's easy to make their food. I am going to do a demonstration at my dog club in June. I hope to turn many people on to this! My picky dogs are now eating everyday without hesitation. May I also mention their poop is perfect !

    2 weeks ago

    We're thrilled to hear you and your furry friends are loving the ChefPaw Dog Food Maker, Kim! Their perfect poops are a true testament to the nutritional value of homemade dog food. Thank you for being a part of the ChefPaw pack!

  • AS
    Amanda S.
    Verified Buyer
    I recommend this product
    Rated 5 out of 5 stars
    1 month ago

    So I ordered the chef paw dog food maker after seeing an ad for it and doing some research and reading the reviews. I have to say this is one of the best purchases I have ever made. One of my dogs has GERD and she literally threw up every food we tried except for one brand and that brand of dog food which was super expensive and was really affecting us financially. But then I saw chef paw and thought what if I can make the food without my whole kitchen becoming a wreck and spending hours in there prepping. Well I am happy to report I followed the chef paw allergy friendly dog food recipe and I use the chef paw supplement as well and my dog keeps it all down and loves it! My other two dogs are obsessed with the food as well. So thank you so much for making such an easy and wonderful product!

  • CL
    Colleen L.
    Verified Buyer
    I recommend this product
    Rated 5 out of 5 stars
    1 month ago
    Worth the investment

    I think this machine is super well made and the online instructions couldn’t be easier! My pups are loving it!

    1 month ago

    Keep up the "hard" work Chef😉

  • SC Profile picture for Steven C.facebook logo
    Steven C.
    Verified Buyer
    I recommend this product
    Rated 5 out of 5 stars
    2 months ago
    Exactly What I Was Hoping For

    I am extremely happy with my ChefPaw. My life revolves around dogs. I'm a dog trainer, canine massage therapist, and I work at a large county animal shelter; I think a lot about quality of life issues for our pets. I have three dogs at home and have always felt a bit defeated that I could only afford quality kibble for their daily meals. Right now, moving them over to an all ChefPaw diet isn't in the budget, but I've been able to replace 1/3 of their daily calories with whole food. That's a huge step in the right direction! The machine is a wonder. My first batch was a bit of a learning curve but by the second batch I felt totally in control. My dogs LOVE the food. It's easy to keep ahead, storing a batch or two in freezer bags so they're ready after a day of defrosting in the fridge. This was definitely a very smart purchase!

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